client portfolio

client portfolio

from the sand up

julie's home

When Founder, Julie and husband Bill thought about the next phase of their life, similar to many of her clients, living near the beach was a non negotiable. As empty nesters, the duo wanted their home to feel elegant yet casual, and most importantly, functional for this new celebratory stage of life—which includes lots (and lots) of grandkids. 

Julie selected a neutral color palette rich with texture - from grasscloth, linen and leather. The result was anything but boring, but still paid homage to the beautiful landscape and ocean. Throughout the entire design decision making process, Julie treated her project like she would any other client… with love & integrity. 

She carefully sorted through collections of art and objects collected from years of travel and carefully displayed them throughout her space. In addition, being a small business owner herself, Julie is deeply committed to supporting other small & local businesses - therefore, there are many local artisans displayed throughout the home. 

our inspiration

Today, Julie’s personal home (which she carefully designed every square inch of) serves as her "showhouse." It is not uncommon for her to bring clients for a walkthrough so they can look, feel, touch an array of product lines and interact with fabrics and colors. 


Moving is hard, even more so when you just don’t know who to call when you're ready to paint, need an electrician, or find a house cleaner. Julie is a super connector. She helps you connect to your new home, connect with the community, and gives you all those insider tips that only come from years of living on the Island.

shari k.

elevated coastal bohemian

a local shop

A gathering place for women to unwind and feel their best self. That is what L. Moore Aesthetics is all about. A boutique skin care company focused on supporting women to age gracefully. Laurie Moore, the Founder, partnered with Julie to design a lobby and three treatment rooms that felt feminine and bohemian, but coastal at the same time. 

The goal was a layered look and feel. Each detail in this space was thoughtfully crafted. From the retro wall-papers, textured grasscloth reminiscent of the beach, to the sliding barn doors which supported function and flow. 

our inspiration

Julie, a long time friend and customer of Laurie’s brought not only a design but client perspective to the development of the interiors. The wow moment? A custom designed, on-brand, acrylic sign that grounded the space. 


The process of making our new house a home started at the local flooring showroom, where we were referred to NEST. What began with carpet quickly blossomed into reimagining the whole space to truly make it work for us and the vision we had. Julie was sensitive to the fact that we wanted to work with the existing tile flooring and cabinetry. Right away she found a quartz that perfectly tied the flooring and cabinets together while still making it ALL seem fresh and new. But it was also the little recommendations for paint and lighting fixtures has helped us transform the space into our home so we could finally get back to living. 

anne & steve

inspired by the isles

master bathroom

When this lovely couple with grown children took a trip to the Greek Isles they were blown away by the ease, the lightness and spa-like quality of living. They promised themselves they would be back for a milestone anniversary trip but for now, why not bring the Greek Isles home? 

The Drake family is a family rooted in love + support (the mother's 92 year old, World War II Veteran father lives with them), and for the first time in their life wanted to hire a designer to make their home work for them long term. The duo worked closely with Julie to design a master bath that blended the ambiance of the Ancient World mixed with modern and new technology (hello - a LED fan with a built-in wifi playlist). The result was a space that exuded relaxation through the use of clean whites and a large-scale tile that is reminiscent of the Aegean sea. 

our inspiration

This project was the start of something special. Now, the Drake’s are onto the next stage of their design vision with Julie by their side—this time, one that is a much larger scale - kitchen, living spaces, dining room (and more). 


Almost 1 year into living in our new home, it still didn’t feel like home. It always felt like there was something missing. At our first meeting, right away, Julie shared that she thought the space needed more texture and that with a few subtle tweaks she could show us how to amplify the color story so that it was balanced across the spaces. Who knew a bit of string cloth wallpaper could make such a difference? She was able to create custom rugs that coordinated perfectly with our art as well as one of a kind sign to hang above the stove ( a surprise gift for my husband). Really just a few additions made all the difference. The end result was a space that makes me smile daily and I know will work for us for the rest of our lives.”

holli k.