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I said it a few times but I'll say it again. The design decision-making process can be overwhelming.

Believe me when I say, there are hundreds, no thousands, of selections that need to be made when designing your home. From selecting finished materials that work with some of your pre-existing design elements to selecting a paint color, or a one-of-a-kind rug that anchors your space and showcases your collection of art in the highest light. The result? A space that feels cohesive and most importantly, like you. 

The majority of my executive level clients contact me when they are Overwhelmed in the process and ready to be beyond the move or incredibly busy with grandkids, travel, etc. In these scenarios, 2 VIP Design Days will not cut it. 

So it is completely understandable that you may need… a little extra support in executing your design project. 

You need a bit more support and guidance than two days of whirlwind design decision-making. 

See what I mean?

Nest Your Home helps clients who are new to the area combine the treasures they brought with them, the finishes of the house they purchased, with the coastal dream they moved here for.

A designer in your corner...

color selections

Now as a former professional (executive perhaps…) you know when it’s time to bring in an expert and my other package of 2 VIP Design Days just won't cut it...

furnitue layouts

vendor meetings

cabinet selections

go, buy, shop list

select minor details like lighting & cabinet features

create custom timeline & Schedule

review budget and discuss framework

but in addition....

you need the following...

Organizing the Contractor Quote Process

you need someone to be there for you. Truly. As your trusted advisor on call. Expert professionalism. Kindness. Clarity. Your cheerleader. 

Clarifying questions during the bidding + quoting stage

attending Builder + contractor meetings

Your eyes + ears on the ground during walkthroughs

VIP List of preferred partners to call

Supporting you in ordering cabinets, hardware, & appliances

creating a done-for-you clickable shopping list

You need someone there as a sounding board...

ordering frames for your precious artwork

overseeing your budgeting and walking you through when to save + splurge

The Signature Process.

executive level

step One

personalized inquiry & 45-minute Connection Call

Julie holds  a 45-minute call to discuss project scope, timeline, and personalized process for executive level client.

step two

intensive client survey is completed

the client receives a customized survey to gather key information on the clients project. Including but not limited to: floor plans, aesthetic inspiration and goals of the home. 

step three

schedule site visits & detailed project scheduled

the client and Julie connect for a half day meeting. Here she is introduced to the space as well as collecting photos and videos to support her in project strategy.

step four

VIP vendor visits & follow up

Through conversation, Julie confirms a detailed list of selected vendors with client & finalizes design materials. At this time as well, clients will receive a 2D/ 3D floor plan and confirm the personalized project mood board.

step five

trade decision day & organizing

 at this stage in the process, julie will schedule trade day walkthroughs (electricians, cabinet makers, general contractors etc.)  & support client with any trade questions.  including but not limited to scheduling, hiring and budgeting. Julie will create a post trade day recap and finalize any/ all details on the clients behalf. 

step six

2 Hour recap meeting & two month follow up

the client will receive a detailed "book" which outlines all project scope details so the client can confidently execute their project. As the key advisor, Julie stays in touch and offers a two month follow up. 





personalized Inquiry &
45-minute Connection Call

intensive client survey is completed

scheduled site vists & detailed project scheduled

VIP Vendor Visits & Follow Up


trade decision day & organizing


2 Hour REcap Meeting & two Month follow up

Please note: As this is a highly intimate process, and our highest touch package available we only offer 4 spots to clients a year. 

Location: This service is available in amelia island, FL. 

investment starting at: $11,500.00

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But most importantly, I love Being there for you.

Every step of the way.

Your eyes.

Your Ears.

Your Strategist

on the ground. acting as ....

your spokesperson and liaison.

Can you tell I like a detailed plan? 

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