two hour quick fix

tier one

TWO HOUR Quick Fix: Design Package

color selection

perhaps you're struggling with...

furniture layout

completing your move

displaying artwork

which trades to hire

styling a bookshelf

the best sofa for your space

what to keep & Get rid of

the list goes on...and on...

Implemented By You. On your time. On your Schedule.

Nest Your Home helps clients who are new to the area combine the treasures they brought with them, the finishes of the house they purchased, with the coastal dream they moved here for.

A breakdown of the process.

quick fix

step One

client inquiry

client inquires online about two hour Quick-fix service

step two

15-minute connection call

connection call with julie stash to discuss your home, vision, and obstacles in your project.

step three

two hour design meeting

in person, two hour meeting is held, discussing and STRATEGIZING  an ARRAY of topics, including but not limited to details above. 

step four

follow up recap

within 48 hours of our meeting, the client will receive a recap email regarding their conversation with julie. 





Client inquiry

connection call

two hour design meeting

follow up recap

If you are facing design decision fatigue and need professional advice (like yesterday!), this 2-hour jam-packed Quick Fix - Design Consultation is your answer. 

Through a 1:1, two -hour design meeting with  founder, Julie Stash (who has 20+ years of design experience), she offers you personalized insight into what to do (and not do) in your home. 

Before your meeting, you will prepare a list of questions and goals that you will share when you walk Julie through your space. 

At the end of the 2-hour meeting, you will have extreme clarity on your questions and how to move forward. Post meeting, you are empowered to execute the project on your own time and own schedule. 

Please note: This is a one-time, 2-hour meeting. If you need a higher level of support in the design decision-making process, please learn more about our other packages below. 

It is totally customizable to your needs, questions, and home.

Location: This service is available in amelia island. 

Package Price: $500.00

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