TWO VIp design days

tier two

If you are a former savvy professional who loves a good checklist and is in a position in your life where you are rethinking the way you live in your home.

Perhaps you are designing a new build, overseeing a renovation, or simply want a facelift on your space to make your home feel more like…you. 

In any case, many decisions go into making a home work for you and your family in the next phase of your life. Now is the time to rethink displaying your collections, living mindfully, completing your move and entertaining your family. This is a life stage to enjoy and relish in. 

Unlike Quick Fix - 2 Hour Design Consults, our 2 VIP Design Days occur over two days and 15 hours. This allows time for developing a vision board and budget framework, visiting vendors together, and completing the decisions of 10+ checklist items you need insight on. 

The goal of these two days is to take the anxiety out of the home design process and check every item off your checklist. Founder, Julie Stash (acclaimed Home Strategist - read more on her story HERE), holds your hand every step - even tagging along to cabinet meetings and hiring a chauffeur to drive - so you can strategize at all times.

Then this package was created for you.

Typically, hiring an interior designer to help you execute this vision would cost upwards of $20,000. However, at NEST your home, we know that you are a high achiever and know how to manage a project. You just need a bit of expert advice to get you on your way. 

What typically happens during the 2 VIP Design Days?

The Two VIP Design Days are booked back to back to ensure momentum and clarity in the decision-making process. Weeks before your first meeting, you connect with Julie Stash to share photos and insight on your family, home, and project. 

The time is yours.

It is your choice if you want to concentrate on one space or many. During this first call, you help develop a custom schedule for your two days. On Day One, Julie comes prepared with a clear design aesthetic and mood board. 

Each day is filled with luxury details - you are treated as an inner circle member of Julie’s family. She supplies the coffee, lunch, design decisions, notes, guidance and support. All you need to do is show up. 

Nest Your Home helps clients who are new to the area combine the treasures they brought with them, the finishes of the house they purchased, with the coastal dream they moved here for.

A breakdown of the process.

Vip design days

step One

client inquiry


step two

45-minute connection call

a 45-minute CONNECTION CALL WITH JULIE STASH TO DISCUSS YOUR HOME, VISION, AND OBSTACLES IN YOUR PROJECT. together you'll create a specific strategy, game plan, and aesthetic so no minute is wasted during your time together. 

step three

Extensive prep for vip days

During this time, julie will prep mood boards for the project, confirm vendor visits, book meetings, and prep for the vip days. 

step four

two vip days

IN PERSON, TWO vip days ( 9AM - 5PM) are HELD with the client. Day one is focused in the clients home and day two is held off-site at vendor showrooms. The days are extensive, personalized and strategic. A lot of large scale decisions are made. 

step five

follow up - post vip days






Client inquiry

45-Minute Connection Call

prep for the VIP days

two in-person vip days


follow-up post vip days

 On Site - Your home

make color selections

Typically, on Day One, Julie visits the clients in their home and they use the 1:1 time with Julie to...

discuss layout of furnishings

create a go, stay, buy list

select light fixtures

discuss tiles, wallpapers, paint, etc

create detailed list with links for purchasing

create custom timeline & Schedule

review budget and discuss framework

to name a few things included...

day one

A designer in your corner...

vendor visits

the tile showroom

On day two, most clients prefer to spend time with Julie checking off those large-scale decisions. This often involves making selections and placing orders at different vendor shops. Here you can look at the exact pieces that will go into your home. It is a full sensory experience. 

cabinet maker

custom upholsterer

appliance manufacturer

lighting showroom

furniture stores

fabric shops

Luckily, Julie has 20+ years of design experience and has a hidden Rolodex of resources and preferred partners to call. She will hold your hand, schedule your meetings and take you to any of the following…

& so much more....

Day two

These are not just empty visits and meetings. Using the notes and strategy from Day One, Julie will guide you on the exact selections that you need to make, the quantities you should order in, and what is a splurge vs. a bargain - she is your trusted advisor on all things home. You don’t need a designer with hefty twenty thousand dollar design fees - you are a professional. You just need some strategic insight to implement. Julie is just the woman for that. 

As this is a highly personalized experience, Julie only offers two of these packages a month. She understands that this package is not suitable for everyone. But, if you are going through a significant transition in your home and need VIP support and guidance to execute the project in a timely, efficient, and costly way, then this package was built for you. 

Location: This service is available in ameila island.

investment: $4,500.00

inquire about scheduling

two, 7 hour VIP design Days

Chauffeur to Meetings

coffee, lunch, and surprises

custom mood boards

detailed shopping list

5+ pages of notes from your design days

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